Little Bear is here to show every single human being on planet Earth today how to re-connect with Nature. Little Bear brings out our capability to re-connect through openness, innocence and pastoral story-telling which appeal to the heart. Little Bear is in tune with the worlds of Spirit and of Nature. For her, every living thing has its own spirit, its own life force, while being part of the Whole. She shows us how being in tune with this natural, spiritual energy, we can call on it for guidance and use it to help us see further, while always finding joy in the present moment and better understanding the natural forces at play on Earth.

Little Bear paves the way for meaningful values to make their re-entry into our way of living and help people feel more harmonious within themselves and with others and to necessarily displace materialistic selfishness and separatism.

Little Bear naturally senses that life’s lessons need to be learned and re-learned often because we all forget them too easily. She takes nothing for granted for each day brings new learning and new realisations. Most of all she takes joy and draws wonder in all that is around her instead of always wishing for something beyond her reach.

The tales, discoveries and lessons of Little Bear show a gentle, convincing and natural way of getting back in touch with Nature which will appeal to the natural in all of us. She shows us not just how to open our eyes, but also our hearts and Souls. While many adults still need to learn to do this to survive and prosper in tomorrow’s world, the young inherently know this is the solution to the world’s current dis-ease and will welcome the confirmation that Little Bear offers.

Reader comments on Little Bear after her first appearance in the novel Two Strangers - One Soul reveal that she has already made an impact:

“At first glance this book looks like a quick read. But to understand it fully, take your time with it. Read a chapter at a time and sit with the many challenging and thought-provoking lessons that are presented. I especially loved the dream sequences, as these brought enriching perspectives to the wisdom of Jonathan. It is a book that can be revisited again and again.”(Deborah Llloyd review)

The Life and Tales of Little Bear is a journey through the four seasons with each day bringing further awakening to a Soul prepared to see beyond the myopia of what appears casually obvious, and to feel much more than that which can merely be touched. Little Bear excels at this and for that she is blessed. Fortunately, she shows us how to be equally enriched.


 Everyone has their Little Bear. 

She is present in those enchanting moments when we sense the magic and mystery of Nature’s voice.

Little Bear is in tune with Earth and knows Her vibrations and energies, Her moods and movements. She feels the subtleties of a breaking day, as she understands the anger of the building storm. She is in the Wind and the Rain, and knows how to light up the night Sky like a star.

Little Bear learns from the croak of Frog, as she does from the grand flight of Eagle. She seeks wisdom from Oak, as she does from Willow, and she enjoys life with Bee, as she dances with Butterfly. She shares what she discovers with us all, for she knows we are forever moving on and nothing remains as it once was. 

Little Bear is an aged grandmother needing her rest, and a vibrant girl in the full flower of strength and courage. She is the heart of gnarled old Tree and the dew of fresh flowering Rose. She is the towering majesty of Bear and the wide-eyed curiosity of Kitten. She is the wisdom of ages and the innocence of burgeoning youth. She knows that we are to one another, just as the leaves are to Tree and the waves to the ocean. 

Sometimes she may feel more present than at other; somehow closer, more feeling, more poignant, more now. But she is undoubtedly always there, always listening, and always speaking direct from her heart to yours. She is in our dreams and our hearts as she is in our hopes and our joy, ever striving to banish the darkness that schemes to enshroud us in favour of bringing forth the love and light that reside within us all, and which bring peace and stillness. 

She knows not the worries of the past and has no fear of what the future may bring, for she lives each moment to the full, knowing that the past is but a memory and that the future is forged in the now. Every day is a sacred day for Little Bear, a new day to be embraced with love and joy.

Little Bear has lessons for us all which she reveals through the life-force of Nature as the seasons change and regenerate. So let us follow her miracles of spring, summer, autumn and winter and hear in our hearts the wisdom that Little Bear has to share, as she rediscovers for herself and for us all, the lessons that we need to learn and remember if we truly want to flow through life as gracefully as Dolphin. 

Everyone has their Little Bear. 

All we have to do is open our hearts and Souls and let her messages bring their heart-felt joy.