Tread Gently is a selection of poems which all have at their heart the need for us to honour and respect our living planet Earth on which we live today. Inspired sometimes by feeling the heavy loss of life such as with disappearance of our rain forests, other times by experiencing the sheer elation of burgeoning life as witnessed in the growing flowers and passing clouds, they each subtly ask us to stop and stare and begin to re-connect with nature - the world in which we are so much a part and from which we have so sorely separated ourselves.

Tread Gently aims to nudge the reader back out into the outdoor, to look again - with new eyes - at the trees, the clouds and the insects, the flowers, the birds and the rivers and, instead of glancing unthinkingly at what is often considered too familiar to consider, to discover afresh each living and breathing element that moves in the world around us with greater meaning and significance in its own existence.

Tread Gently is our way of saying sorry to the Earth for the damage we have done and simultaneously saying thank you for continuing to sustain us, day after day, despite it all.


We believe that there are, broadly speaking, two ways of finding inner peace or reaching the inner you, the eternal self which contains all those aspects of you still waiting to emerge but which largely remain hidden:

"To find and know yourself, look all around you in the world.
To find and know the world, look into all the depths within yourself."
Rudolf Steiner, Harmony of the Creative Word

There are those moments as the mind goes quiet, when a growing stillness envelops us, flooding us with a knowing warmth and calm, deepening our sense of peace and contentment. There are those moments when the imagination soars to reach the untouchable seemingly beyond the tangible senses. There are those moments which capture a magic, however fleeting, of something above and beyond every-day consciousness. And although they may be very different each time, these ethereal experiences are nonetheless very real and add to our individual evolution.

There are also those moments when, being still in Nature, a notion comes to us of sensing and understanding that Nature in all its intricacy holds something very special for us that is simultaneously refreshing, energising and inspiring. The value of re-connecting with Nature is hugely individualistic but essential for each one of us to re-discover in order to bring ourselves into peace and harmony, at one with ourselves and every other living being on planet Earth. It is said that Nature is an expression of the divine, the ongoing culmination of billions of years of evolution, just like ourselves who started as stardust as did the planet of which we are currently a part, and which should be revered and protected as such.

This compendium of poems is about finding inner peace or the inner you through both those two ways, namely inner exploration and outer re-connection with Nature. We have found our journeys both an exploration and a discovery, challenging and fun, eye-opening and reflective, made more so when we see how these now translate into the written word. Sometimes it has turned out to be not quite what we expected if, indeed, we had any expectations at all.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


When I go out in nature, I honour both her and myself.
I have no need to hurt, close myself off or need to be alone,
For the Earth beneath my feet is solid and warm, comforting and nurturing.
And with each step that I take,
I come closer to breathing the same breath as my mother Earth.
And then,
I become grounded and connected.
And suddenly,
I am Earth.
When I go out in nature, I am perfect in every way.
I have no need to feel guilty or to hate or just wish some things would go away,
For the Air is refreshing as he passes over and under me, through and around me.
And with each step that I take,
My memories flow through me, no longer sticking but instead freeing me.
And then,
I am lifted by Air, my senses are cleared, I am light and peaceful.
And suddenly,
I am Air.
When I go out in nature, I am courageous and strong.
I have no need to be jealous of anyone, nor worry or harbour fears,
For the Fire of father sun bears down through my body, ‘til I tingle with his tenderness and love.
And with each step that I take,
I feel brighter and bolder in body, mind and soul.
And then,
I am inspired and energised by the heat of his creative life force.
And suddenly,
I am Fire.
When I go out in nature, I love her and I love me.
I have no need to feel anger, hurt or resentment,
For each delicate and refreshing rain drop gently caresses and appeases me.
And with each step that I take,
Water cleanses and re-balances me so I become once again just as nature intends me.
And then,
My emotions wash through me, over and out of me, and I am ready to love everything anew.
And suddenly,
I am Water.
When I go out in nature,

All that God intended.