chakrasChakra Heal and Balance

Chakra healing is about tuning in to the body's main energy centres (the chakras) in order to receive information on the state of energy or prana flow throughout the whole body system and identify any blockages which may be impeding a strong and healthy flow. All physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments and problems are related to (and thus have an impact on) bodily energy flows/blockages.

 €50 per session/hour

So how do chakras get blocked? If you have ever suffered one or more of the following, you will likely have one or more blocked chakras: work stress, stubborness, denial, fears, phobias or anxiety, resentment, rejection, grief or heartbreak, financial difficulties, low self-esteem or sexual repression/oppression. To name but a few.

A one hour healing session - hands-on or distant (i.e. via the internet) - can:

  • identify which chakras are weak or blocked and why;
  • remove old, stale energy which no longer serves and/or is detrimental to the healthy functioning of the body; and
  • recharge the chakras to enhance good prana flow throughout the entire body system.

This process results in the client feeling greater inner peace, physical and spiritual wellbeing for the highest good of the soul.

If you feel that you have lingering or niggling emotional or physical symptoms that need clearing up in order for you to move forward in life with greater relish and vigour, a chakra healing and rebalance may work wonders for you.

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