PeyrepertuseExplore your Past Life... in a Cathare castle

  • Have you ever wondered why you are inextricably drawn to a certain person, place, geographical area or period in history?
  • Is something deep within calling you to visit the Pays Cathare, inspired perhaps by one or more of the sacred castles?
  • Are you alone in feeling this or does your life partner also deeply attracted for the same reason?

€150 1/2 day - €200 full day

Over the years, I have met many people who felt drawn specifically to the Pays Cathare because they had experienced some form of triggered recall and subsequent need to resolve this and/or understand their interest in the plight of the Cathare people in 12th/13th century France. Examples of triggered recall are when we meet someone for the first time and yet we feel we have known them for years or when we visit a new town or country and it feels so familiar that we even know our way around without directions.

Spontaneous recall occurs when people experience unsolicited flashbacks or intense daydreams that engender that déjà vu feeling. Our subconscious communicates with us all the time and especially so during our sleeping state and so past life recall can often appear quite vividly to us in our dreams.

My husband was so absolutely convinced that he had been a Cathare in a former life - it was one of the reasons why we relocated to this area. Unbridled curiosity finally sparked me to train as a past life regressionist and hypnotherapist ... and what a beautiful and interesting journey of discovery it has been for both myself and my clients undertaking their past life regressions.

peyrepertuseIf you, like them, feel drawn to this most magical and sacred place and want to explore your own past life connections to these people and lands, then we can work to ascertain whether or not there is one particular Cathare castle that draws you to energetically reconnect with a past life there.

Where no single castle stands out for you, we can initiate a past life regression to explore your connection to the Pays Cathare/Occitanie area. If your life partner has the same yearnings as you for these lands, there's a high probability that you were both in the same past life here together and are now re-visiting the energies of that time and place for reasons which may positively enhance the quality of your present life.

An Unparalleled Opportunity

Here at the Razès Gîtes we are based in the midst of the Pays Cathare, on the proverbial doorstep of the Cathare castles, which makes us uniquely able to offer past life regressions either within the the Cathare castles themselves or here in the meditation room, as you may prefer.

Whereas the majority of people undertake a past life journey to satisfy some personal curiosity, exploring past lives has also helped countless people unlock trauma, explain anxiety and mood disorders, and even given context to a particular disease that they are living with today: in other words, regression therapy can help you better understand past experiences that may be affecting emotional and physical reactions in the present day. Food for thought indeed.

You can choose to incorporate your past life regression as an aspect of your Walking for Wellbeing or Pathways to Stillness experience here at the Razès Gîtes or simply come to experience it as a stand alone option: €150 for a half day session or €200 for a full day (most likely includes more travel). Get in Touch for more details.