Exclusive Wellbeing Retreats

rustic wooden spiritual retreat sign rustic wooden carved sign spiritual retreat against beautiful leafy backdrop 158105439Whether it's a question of doing something special, a little bit different to the norm, alone, with a friend or within a small group (max. 6 people), some of these exclusives may help you take your sense of spiritual wellness to higher levels.

Interested in: exploring your past lives, coaching in soul writing, receiving profound chakra healing, and more? ... then check out the following.

roquefixadeThe Call of the Soul: a Walking Pilgrimage

Why would you ever want to do a walking pilgrimage? Maybe you, like many of us, are searching for something more meaningful in your life. Maybe there's something gnawing at you on the inside – call it a desire or motivation – something from deep within calling so strongly that you almost feel that you won’t be able to breathe properly again until you find some meaningful answers? If so, then you know you have heard an inner call to search. Only the long walk - a pilgrimage - can give you answers.

queribusSoul Journeys - walking in the footsteps of the Essenes, Cathares & Magdalenes

This historic holiday takes you on a breath-taking soul journey to the most sacred Essene, Magdalene and Cathare sites in Occitanie, offering plenty of opportunity to reconnect with your soul, meditate and reclaim your inner peace, and experience your personal past life regression at one of these revered sites.

mirepoix cathedralA Week of Walking for Wellbeing

This holiday offers guided and self-guided walks based @ the Razès Gîtes in the sleepy village of Escueillens, buried in the heart of the rolling Razès countryside, just 25 minutes south of Carcassonne. 

Walkers have a choice from 25 circuits and 10 linear trails (ranging from 5 to 40 km) covering the length and breadth of the gently rolling Razès countryside. A Walking for Wellbeing holiday is about you choosing your own routes (for distance and difficulty) and walking at your own pace so you can be sure to find your natural rhythm and inner harmony.

stretch 1Yoga Stretch and Flow

Yoga helps improve our flexibility, strength, and posture bringing about a better all round fitness and may even help some of us to shed a few unwanted pounds. Bringing attention to our breathing in each pose helps increase mindfulness, boosts energy levels and longevity, reduces stress and makes us feel happier and more peaceful within ourselves. 

chakrasChakra Heal and Balance

Chakra healing is about tuning in to the body's main energy centres (the chakras) in order to receive information on the state of energy or prana flow throughout the whole body system and identify any blockages which may be impeding a strong and healthy flow. All physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments and problems are related to (and thus have an impact on) bodily energy flows/blockages.

PeyrepertuseExplore your Past Life... in a Cathare castle

  • Have you ever wondered why you are inextricably drawn to a certain person, place, geographical area or period in history?
  • Is something deep within calling you to visit the Pays Cathare, inspired perhaps by one or more of the sacred castles?
  • Are you alone in feeling this or does your life partner also deeply attracted for the same reason?

writersCoaching in Creative Soul Writing 

Writing helps us to express ourselves and our intentions more fully, communicate with greater clarity, become more focused, productive and better decision-makers. Through writing, we can develop a greater sense of awareness, generally learn more, be happier, deal with emotional and stressful problems better and work through them more easily. Writing is arguably one of the best cathartic tools available to us all. And yet, many people don't know where or how to start.