7th June 2022

In my early 30s I went through a long, drawn out ‘dark night of the soul’ that resulted in a near-death experience. 

After years of physical hurt and emotional pain, exhausting mental burnout, too many broken and dysfunctional relationships to count, nothing but shattered hopes and dreams, I died and was reborn in a timeless instant. I experienced absolute joy and love for everyone and everything. I felt unimaginable peace and total trust in myself and the universe. I was of this world, and yet so much more than it. I was infinite and unconditional love. I was everything and nothing.

And then the proverbial bubble broke and it faded. And I realised right then and there that I had been shown the potential bliss that was both real and achievable, but it was up to me to make it manifest in my life and start to live it. 

Seizing the Moment

As a direct consequence of both the collapse and the most glorious rebirth, I quite literally changed my life and rebuilt myself from the inside out. 

The ‘old’ me that had been broken and given up on life was now gone and gave way to knowing there was a powerful, inner light crying out to burn so brightly and be birthed in a ‘new’ me. It therefore became my mission to explore new ways of finding—and holding on to—ever-higher levels of love, joy, peace, and healing in my life.

To this end, I walked away from my old life, casting off the corporate mask to create a new way of being. 

For over 20 years now, I have been walking my own path of self-discovery while showing others how to effectively surf the tides of their soul journeys, moving ever closer to their own inner lights. 

It may come as no surprise to hear that, for us human beings, the true soul journey never ends. It just keeps getting more rewarding and more beautiful the closer we come to becoming and living our personal truth, our bliss. 

Many Paths to a Blissful Soul

As part of my spiritual journey, I retrained as a nature therapy guide, past life regressionist, hypnotherapist, meditation and mindfulness instructor, and spiritual wellness coach. Nowadays, I devote my time to all those beautiful souls out there who feel a deep desire to embark upon their own soul journey and may be glad for a helping hand to inspire and support them along the path of self-discovery and healing for spiritual wellness. 

While not everyone has to contend with living through a dark night of the soul, everyone’s soul is searching for spiritual growth to some degree or another.

If you have hope in your heart, anything is possible. We are infinite.