21st June 2021

When I am with my mother, I am at home. I am nourished, I am held, I am so deeply loved. Her love for me has no boundaries and, deep at the centre of my being, I know this. I feel it.


Wherever I go, whatever I do, She is always by my side. When I run through the fields, Her gentle winds caress my bare arms and legs. When I walk down the silent forest path, She joyfully sings to me through the voice of bird and when I sit by the big pond, She playfully dances around me in the myriad colours and forms of butterfly.

Her love for me is tangible and yet omnipotent, carefree and unconditional.


I love my mother, She makes me feel safe. In Her company I know I am right, I am a good person. There are days when she does not appear to speak to me and yet I am still reassured by Her presence. I see Her in the merest ripple on the pond, the grey cloud reflected in the puddle, the stillness of praying mantis as he steadily gazes at me, the greenest leaf on the tree. The very sight and sound of Her are all the words I need to hear. Every aspect of Her makes my heart swell – I love Her with all my heart. And more.


Just today, I walk right into one of Her fiercest of moods and my soul can do no other than joyfully rise to meet Hers. As Her thunder and lightning crash down around me, I hear Her voice resound throughout my very essence, and I understand how She feels. And why. I have no fear of Her might. Her torrential rains pour down to cleanse me, Her wildest winds whip at my drenched clothes to free me, and I feel uplifted by Her attention, Her awareness of me, Her inclusion of me as one of Her own in Her infinite family. clouds

We are in union, my soul is Her soul. We are One. 


My mother accepts me as all that I am without judgement. Her utmost support for me is evidenced wherever I look, in the grace of all that She is.

budsI could not begin to imagine life on this planet without my mother. I decide I would rather not exist in this plane without Her. It is not naïve romanticism that I feel in my heart, but the conscious awareness of our soul-deep connection that bind us so closely that we need no words to be in tune with each other, to know our truth.


If the purpose of life is to find one’s inner calling, to live in one’s bliss in harmony and without harming any other, then I have finally achieved my ambition. I have found my purpose in discovering the place where I am at soul home with my true mother.

Without Her I do not live. Without Her, life is… lifeless.

praying mantis