In 2006, we left the UK to find inner peace and freedom in this largely unspoilt part of south west France. Tucked away in a small village surrounded by rolling hills dressed with vines, sunflowers, woods and wild orchids, we live and breathe in harmony with the calming beauty of the natural world that surrounds us.

We offer the place and space for people to unwind and reclaim their sense of balance and wellbeing.

Here @ the Razès, people come to spend a week or more here in peace on guided and unguided retreats. Throughout the year, we offer guided walking, writing and meditation retreats as the stunning scenery begs nature lovers to explore it, and budding writers and ardent meditators to be inspired by it! Bob also offers chakra healing and balancing.

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Jo: Coming from a professional life of economics, marketing and management, Jo went through her ‘dark night of the soul’ and having survived, moved from city-life in the UK to rural France to embark upon a life-transforming spiritual journey that would turn her life completely upside down and inside out. 

In her quest for love, joy and inner peace, Nature became her greatest teacher. “When I'm not out communing with nature or trekking along some ancient pilgrim path to further my own spiritual enlightenment, I devote my time to those beautiful souls seeking to embark upon their own soul journey and who may be glad for a helping hand to inspire and support them along the path of self-discovery and healing. While not everyone has to contend with living through a dark night of the soul, everyone’s soul is searching for spiritual growth to some degree or another. 

"When you have hope in your heart, anything is possible. We are all infinite beings and transformation is our destiny." 

Since 2006, Jo has retrained as a nature therapy guide, past life regressionist, hypnotherapist, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness instructor, and spiritual wellness coach. 

BobNortonBob: "Self-expression became a passion for me and, having authored, co-authored and contributed to over 20 books, I now coach in creative writing.

"Experience and learning are personal in nature and hence their expression can only be personal since no-one else thinks as you do. Writing and journalling help you define your own story, creating and giving voice to what resonates deeply within you, that which expresses what you really think once you shake off convention and the thinking of others.

"Writing enables you to find the real you within, find peace, and become the person you want to be. Being able to express yourself freely helps move you further down the road towards healing yourself."

Bob also spends time communing with nature spirits and healing humans, animals and plants. He is trained to give chakra healing and balancing to humans but finds that everyone and everything that is open to receiving benefits regardless from using similar healing modalities.

Our Retreat Ethos

It is our view that we are living in a world where we need to hone our skills of self-discovery and self-expression if we are to heal ourselves and become the people that we wish to be. We offer retreats to those in search of a deeper sense of spiritual wellbeing on their individual soul journey to finding freedom and bliss.


All 3, 5 and 7 day retreats are based from our rural village in the heart of the Razès in the south of France. We work with individuals, couples and small groups.amita2