BobNortonThe Owners - Jo & Bob

Survivors of a combined total of over 50 (ouch!) years of practising and teaching in the fields of management and marketing, we've been lucky to breathe the sweet, fresh air of freedom living in a remote village in a largely unspoilt corner in southern France called the Razès for more than thirteen

"We absolutely love this place for its peace and quiet and the living countryside right on our doorstep - it allows us to attain a certain level of tranquillity in our lives helping us to avoid getting caught up in the highs and lows of everyday life."

Our Retreat Ethos

Jo leads all the outdoor aspects and experiences: guided walks, walking meditations and nature symbology, inner world journeys and hatha yoga flow series. Jo always feels happiest when exploring both her inner and outer worlds and helping others do the same. “Outdoors in nature, I feel replete and at peace with myself and the living world around me.”

Bob leads the creative writing and Cathare castle retreats. Bob has authored, co-authored and contributed to over 20 books. “Simple techniques can break our everyday moulds, releasing flow and inspiration, breathing life into a book or poem. Living in the Pays Cathare brings its own inspiration and I love sharing this with others so they leave here being able and inspired to do the same.”