Back in England, we used to be 'business' people.

In 2006, we managed to escape from that heavy and cloying, consumerist business world and found our inner peace and freedom in this largely unspoilt part of south west France. Tucked away in a small village surrounded by rolling hills dressed with vines, sunflowers, woods or wild orchids depending on the time of year, where the butterflies and bees still merrily sing as they go about their daily business of pollinating the planet, we are lucky to live and breathe in harmony with the sweetness and beauty of the natural world that surrounds us.

When we first arrived here in 2006, we simply offered up gîte accommodation for people looking to spend a week or two self-catering or B&B in a largely, unspoilt part of southern France. The business soon evolved to offer walking and writing retreats because the stunning scenery begged nature lovers to explore it and budding writers to be inspired by it. Nowadays, in partnership with fellow professionals here in the Aude, we offer a regular series of walking, writing and wellbeing retreats throughout the year.

This section provides a brief synopsis of each of our published books available from Amazon in both printed and electronic format.

While some form part of a series, each can be read as a stand-alone book in its own right. Click through the associated link if you want to read the introduction of each book.