Escueillens Village 1Why Retreat at the Razès Gîtes?

Walking and writing are widely documented as effective cathartic methods we can employ to assist us in self-discovery, self-expression and healing. Or use as tools to help us grow and evolve in our lives through to a new state of being. Whether you want to walk and talk, walk and write, or write and talk, the physical and emotional benefits of both these methods are proven much more than the sum of their individual parts.

Here at the Razès Gîtes,we offer you affordable get-away rural retreats where you can practice the arts of walking and writing in all their forms, under your own steam or with expert guidance, alone or in a group, as you prefer.

Our retreats draw on our specialist training, experiences, competencies and the historic nature of this beautiful part of Occitanie otherwise known as the Pays Cathare. Principally, our retreats include: guided walks, walking meditations, nature symbology courses, creative writing courses, and even historic trips around the legendary Cathare Castles.

walkersLocated in the heart of a sleepy village south of Carcassonne, 90km inland of the Mediterranean and 90km north of the Pyrenees, we offer you the place and space within which to unwind: your own gîte, private and tranquil gardens, and the Razès countryside on your doorstep just a breath away. Rambling through this area, you walk in the footsteps of the renowned Cathar martyrs, exploring their ancient trails and ruined castles, appreciating the proliferation of wild orchids and birds of prey characteristic of these richly diverse lands.

We want everybody who retreats at the Razès to leave with renewed energy and a deep-rooted sense of wellbeing and so we keep retreat numbers small (4 to 6) so that no-one gets lost in a crowd.

Grange Flexible Catering and Transport Options

You choose whether you want to come self-catering, bed & breakfast, half- or full-board to suit your dietary requirements, taste and budget. Different retreats may vary on available options so please check details on our Events page.

Our retreat prices (excluding DIY Retreats) include all transportation and airport transfer costs. Should you prefer to hire your own care, simply deduct €200 from all quoted prices.

Marie testimonialDIY Retreats

If you don't want to be part of a group, you can choose to come on your own DIY retreat. You decide what you want to do, when and where or simply relax in peace and tranquility in the secluded gardens, enjoying the taste of your own space and freedom or maybe wine-tasting in our local vignobles celebrated for their Blanquettes, reds and rosés.

Razès Gîtes can accommodate singles and couples in Soujeole, Corbières and Malepère Gîtes and four people in La Cour du Blé. This means that you can choose to come alone, as a couple or with friends, as each gîte and three secluded gardens safeguard your individual needs for privacy and space.

potter testimonialIf you're looking for a digital detox to leave behind the draining hum-drum of the towns and cities for a while, to step back in time even, and take the time and space to feel the connection of the vibrant, living and breathing natural world, try a retreat in a Razès Gîte. If you want to renew your sense of wellbeing through exploring diverse ways and means of unwinding and relaxing, not just once a year, but as and when you need it, then here at the Razès Gîtes we can help you achieve this.


From time to time we team up with other wellbeing specialists to offer exclusive wellbeing treatments and activities to ensure you leave feeling back in control, rested, de-stressed and enriched. The most popular include:

  • Mindfulness and the natural world;
  • Wellbeing for Women – a balanced blend of walking, reflexology and aromatherapy;
  • Iyengar yoga for beginners and intermediaries.

Choose to come for a weekend break, five days, a week or longer as you may need. Check out our DIY Retreats page for more details. Feel free to Contact Us for more details.