dragonflyWalking for Wellbeing - Walking & Nature Therapy Retreats

The most common benefits attributed to walking and nature therapy are cited as being: increased happiness, self-worth and self-esteem; improved immune system activity; reduced blood pressure and blood sugar levels; reduced negatives such as: stress, anger and depression; enhanced cognitive performance; improved sociability, sense of community and sharing.

If you want to discover more about re-connecting with nature and how it can benefit you, why not partake in one or our core Walking for Wellbeing & Nature Therapy modules?


Pathways to Stillness - Meditation, Mindfulness & Spiritual Wellness Retreats

Achieving and maintaining strong and healthy spiritual wellness has become a necessity in today's modern world. The benefits of achievieng good mind, body and spirit balance have been well documented and claim to achieve one or more of the following: reduced stress, anxiety control, greater patience, more tolerance and acceptance, increased self-awareness, greater consciousness, more kindness and compassion, increased concentration, and reduced memory loss.

If you want to find a greater presence of one or more of these attributes in your life, dive in and take a look at what we have to offer.

rustic wooden spiritual retreat sign rustic wooden carved sign spiritual retreat against beautiful leafy backdrop 158105439Exclusive Wellbeing Retreats

Whether it's a question of doing something special, a little bit different to the norm, alone, with a friend or within a small group, some of these exclusives may help you to expand your sense of spiritual wellness to higher levels.

If you are interested in: exploring your past lives, going on a vision quest, learning safe fasting techniques, receiving profound chakra healing and more, then have a look at what we offer here that appeals to your inner urge for spiritual expansion. 

jo bookOur Books

Our arrival in the Razès in mid 2006, saw us both embark upon an inspired journey of spiritual growth and development like never before. It was as though leaving the mind-grinding busy of the UK and relocating to the natural peace and beauty of the French countryside was just the ticket to help us find and refine our innate creative writing and journalling skills.

Having listened to clients speak of their troubles with starting, finishing or simply writing anything - be it journalling or creative writing in nature - we developed a template called Soul Writing to help our clients unblock, unleash and fully their full creative writing potential. 

If you want to read our books, then click through to see the full listing.

If you have a burning desire within to write, check out our Exclusives for the Coaching in Soul Writing course.